How to act at the protest

BUCK: I want to go over how you Tea Partiers ACT at the protest.
LUDWIG: Sir, I don't CONTROL them. They're free to do or say what they want.
BUCK: CERTAINLY. I'm just talking about FOCUS. I'd hate to have too many messages MUDDLE things.
LUDWIG: Well, I can't promise that. We've got a LOT of problems with this government.
BUCK: (sigh) OK... I guess my real question is... how RACIST are these signs going to be?
LUDWIG: Oh, not too racist. A few Photoshopped PIMP HATS. That's it.
BUCK: GOOD, because I'd love it if we could keep it to just... fun, CARTOONISH racism.
LUDWIG: Oh, yes sir. No SWASTIKAS. Well... Bert's coming. Maybe ONE swastika.